How to get sponsors for your event

Event Sponsors

Unless you are a big & popular company, you will not get sponsorship easily for your event. Why will anyone sponsor your event, if they are getting similar offers as your. In this article we have mentioned few steps to get sponsors for your event.

  • What you give to sponsor – Sponsors give money to market their company and products. Always see that what you have to offer to them in exchange of their money. You can give them good customer base for promotion or VIP membership as part of a cross promotion. You need to identify unique incentives that distinguish you from a competitor.
  • Timing – Some companies sponsor during fixed time only. Companies decide their sponsoring budget according to different seasons. You need to see that during your event the sponsors are having budget or not. Schedule your event in peak times, when more companies have budget for sponsorship. Some companies sponsor throughout the year with limited budget, you can look out for them as well.
  • Proposal – The proposal which you will make for sponsors, should be very attractive and unique from others. You should have enough data about your event and the audience which are going to attend your event. Data will speak instead of you. Be specific in numbers and don’t put fake data. Keep your data up to date, and it should be satisfying even to you. Past works and events should also be listed down.

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  • Package level – It may happen that sponsor is ready to sponsor you but not to the amount you want him to give, maybe less or more. Always set categories for sponsoring amount, and also attach values which they will get with the amount mentioned. If someone is giving more money than they will be benefited more than other sponsors. Categories can be like up to 10K, from 10K to 20K, etc.
  • Make it of sponsor – Instead of telling your needs, you can ask for sponsors needs from your event and than you can plan your event and sponsorship amount according to them. This strategy will never get failed, because the ball is on the sponsor’s court.

These all steps are necessary to get sponsor. Taking out money from someone’s pocket is very hard task, so you have to do a lot of efforts and you may also fail but you cannot stop. Keep the value of sponsor’s money and you will rock.

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