Local Marketing Conferences Give Businesses Options


A local marketing expo will help companies see what is available in the nearby area for a variety of advertising avenues. With representatives from each of the main types of advertising, a regional conference will focus on how each business can form a strategy to reach new potential clients through advertisements in the local area. Seminars, display booths and participants are all focal points of a marketing expo. The conference should explain the importance of the different types of marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the fastest growing methods of advertising in on the Internet. For companies to reach their potential clientele online, their website must be found quickly and easily by people looking for them. Search engine results pages generally show 10 websites per page. Those websites not found on the first two pages of results will not likely be found at all. Using search engine optimization (SEO) of targeted keyword phrases will help a website move up in the search engine results pages for a boon in customers and revenue.

Radio and Television

Classic media marketing through radio and television has been working for years. The use of targeted demographics by broadcasting stations has been carefully monitored for years. Each station is well aware of who their audiences are and when they tune in the most. This information can be shared with local entrepreneurs to increase the number of people hearing the advertisement. It also increases the chances of a specific type of client to hear or see the ad and respond.

Phone Directories

Once one of the most powerful types of advertising, the phone book has dwindled in popularity. Still a strong means of helping potential customers find exactly what they want, display ads in the phone book can tell a customer exactly what they want to know or give them the means to call and find out. When a consumer knows a business name, simply looking up the information in the phone book is quick and simple. This type of advertising is an excellent supplementary method of advertisement when working in conjunction with other types.


Newspaper, magazine and other types of print media are very popular means of marketing when companies are targeting a specific niche customer. These days, newspapers can target advertisements to specific zip codes, rather than everyone in the readership area or on the subscription list receiving print ads geared at specific locations or demographic types.

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