Things To Know Before Running An Online Marketing Campaign


Social Media Marketing over the past years have become important and major brands understood its potential and importance because it gives the ability to connect with customers, monitor their progress and ability to advertise and sell products. But if you’re someone who has just started SMM don’t be confused as it takes a lot of time grown your brand and market your products but it is highly achievable. There are things you should consider when running an online campaign.


  1. Define Goals

Define goals around specific actions. You should consider asking these questions, Why are you running this campaign? What do you hope to accomplish? Do you need more traffic to your purchase page? Are you looking for increased e-commerce sales?

  1. One Platform at a time

Understand one platform well enough to be able to take advantage of its advanced features. It’s generally a good practice to focus on one platform and devote most of your time to understanding its features, and, devising strategies to leveraging those features.

  1. Put it Down in Writing

Make a habit of writing down everything from about your plans, task and all the things you will be doing for the week, monthly or quarterly.   Make a schedule so that you don’t have to get confused.

  1. Monitor and Tune

Make the best use of Analytics and Monitor tools. Tools like Buffer, Google Analytics, and Native App can give amazing insights about how well your campaign is performing. Monitor it all closely and you can shift tactics accordingly.

  1. Social Media Tool

Social Media tools like Everypost and SocialOomph are great for scheduling posts. You can schedule posts for months in advance.  And you can align your all your content and distribute it according to the needs.

  1. Understand Your Pseudo-Customer

Your campaigns won’t be efficient if you’re not marketing to the right audience. Begin by finding a highly focused niche and the try to focus on understanding how a customer will look like by considering demographics like age, location, job title, income levels, interests, and likes, etc.


There are many advantages of running a campaign online it is easy to generate leads and helps in marketing both in locally and globally. Consider the above factors for a smooth campaign.

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